Enhancing European and Transatlantic Economic Cooperation

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3SI Business Forum – First Day

3SI Business Forum – Second Day

Digital Interconnections in the 3SI Region

Transport Interconnections in the 3SI Region

Energy Interconnections in the 3SI Region

Strategic implications of the 3SI in the fields of transport, energy and digitalization

The regional opportunities of cooperation in the defence industry

The potential for cooperation with neighboring countries of the 3SI region

The 3SI as catalyst towards the cohesion and convergence of the EU as a whole. The Three Seas Investment Fund

Shared values. Democratization and Rule of Law as fundamental conditions for sustainable economic growth

The contribution of the 3SI to strengthening the transatlantic link

High potential drivers of growth and innovation in the 3SI region

The future of the 3SI and the potential for cooperation with other stakeholders outside the geographic scope of the 3SI

Making the difference. 3SI and B9: synergic complementarity

Increasing the role of civil society in the 3SI region and beyond